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Why "4c"?


The working title for the Windows® version of Cresta, the project and resource management software product which can trace its roots back to the early 1960s, was C4.

This name was not thought to be suitable for public use, so a brainstorming session was held to come up with a different title.

The concept of using the software to predict the outcome of project plans and expected resource allocation patterns was explored.

Words such as "foretell", "forecast" and "foresee" were mentioned - and the latter, being capable of abbreviation to 4c, made it the obvious choice!

Did you know...

(references to 4c found on the Internet)

Colditz Castle, the famous German prisoner of war camp for captured officers during the Second World War, was called Oflag IVC ("Officers' Camp 4C").

    By contrast, 4c software can set you free!

Jewellers refer to the "4cs of diamonds" - cut, clarity, colour and carat.

    How would 4c software measure up?

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