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4c Timesheets - Time and Expense Collection


To get the best use out of your 4c system, we recommend that you use the 4c integrated 4c Time and Expense Collection software to collect the actual time spent on projects - and also on non-project activities.

People who just fill in timesheets don't have to have full access to the main 4c application: 4c Timesheet is a separate module.  Tasks to which people (or their specific skills) have been allocated are added to the timesheet automatically, but you can allow people to add more tasks or even create new ones.

Timesheet Options

You can decide how you want your timesheet to operate.  For instance:

  • do you want to collect time daily or weekly?  For individual project tasks or against whole projects?

  • do you want to use the automated time tracking facility?

  • do you want the timesheet user to indicate task progress (e.g. as percentage complete or as estimated time to complete)?

  • do you want to collect non-project time such as administration, meetings, training courses, etc?

  • do you want to manage flexitime?

  • do you want people to enter planned absences (holidays, medical appointments, training courses) in advance?

  • do you want to use the expenses form?

Other options are available.  Because it is so configurable, the best way to see the timesheet system in action is to have a face-to-face demonstration, set up for the way you want to use timesheets - contact us to arrange.

How is the timesheet filled in?

Completing the timesheet couldn't be easier: you just enter the time in each day cell (down to quarter hours).  And if you're using the time tracking facility, the timesheet can be updated from the collected time at the click of a button.

Click here to see a picture of the task timesheet.

Click here to see the time tracking facility.

"Approving" Timesheets

Completed timesheets go through an approval process: the level at which approval is required is fully user-definable. 

Once approved, the timesheets are processed and all the projects are updated with the actual hours booked: any expenses (disbursements) are also booked to the project.

Analysing Timesheet Data

Timesheet bookings can be analysed to see what proportion of time people are spending on projects and non-project activities.  Click here to display a resource histogram and here to display a resource utilisation pie chart.


Remote/Offline Timesheets

Flexitime - Timesheets and Reporting

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