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System Requirements & Licensing


4c is a client-server application which runs on the following databases:

  • Oracle® (Oracle Net does not require Oracle Client to be installed on workstations)

  • Microsoft® SQL Server (including SQL Server Express)

  • Embarcadero InterBase®

Client and Server Hardware

The minimum specification for running 4c is as follows (although the spec is more likely to be determined by the operating system requirements).


  • 500mB RAM

  • 1GHz processor

  • 200 mB disk space plus space for the database client software if required (if using Oracle, client software is not required).

  • Graphics Adapter capable of supporting a minimum screen size of 1024 x 768 pixels

  • Network card running at 100Mbps


Needs to be capable of running the selected database server software and accommodating the actual database.

Operating System


Windows XP™

Windows Vista™

Windows 7™


As appropriate for running the selected database server software and maintaining the actual database.


There are separate licences for the main 4c system and for 4c Timesheet users, and are issued on a concurrent user basis.  The actual fee varies according to the areas of 4c you intend using, so you don't have to pay for features you will never use, and the more licences you buy, the lower the per seat cost.

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