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4c for Ship Repair


4c provides a fully-integrated Marketing, Estimating and Planning system for the ship repair industry.

It includes:

  • links to the Lloyds list

  • multi-level templates for compiling detailed estimates

  • sub-contract management

  • automatic conversion of estimates to plans

  • detailed scheduling and planning facilities for monitoring progress on each ship in the yard

  • management of "extras" and cancellations

  • production of invoices

The optional Marketing module uses Lloyds data to track ships' movements and the nature of repairs due.  In addition, marketing intelligence gathered from other sources can be entered, and the whole database can be analysed by owner and location, allowing for targeted campaigns.  And because the marketing module is fully integrated with the Estimating system, highly specific estimates based on detailed ship data can be produced.

If you would like more details about the 4c Ship Repair application, you can download a PDF file which gives a more full description.

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4c for Ship Repair