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There are many ways in which you can produce reports from 4c:

  • standard reports

  • user-defined report styles

  • 4c's own report scripting language

  • third-party report-writing tools

4c includes many standard reports which you may find you can use as they are.  Most of them allow you to select date ranges, projects, resources, etc., as applicable.

If you want something more specific, you can use the non-technical report styles facilities:

  • define the columns for the report (including calculated fields and profiled values over a specified time period)

  • specify the sort order

  • use selection criteria to report on a sub-set of the tasks in a project, or groups of projects in the whole portfolio, such as projects in a particular programme

Once you have created your report, you can save the settings for repeated use.  You can even put some them onto your Dashboard.

Most of the standard reports are written using the 4c report scripting language.  You can edit the script of an existing report, or copy a script to make a new report with a different format or to use a different set of data.

Finally, if you have a favourite report-writing tool, you can use that.  We provide a copy of the database schema to all customers free of charge on request.

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