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4c Timesheets - Remote/Offline Timesheets


For situations where users do not have constant access to either the organisationís network or to the internet, 4c now has two options to enable people to use the 4c Timesheet application:

  • A remote timesheet facility for automatic download and offline working.

  • A facility for emailing timesheets as attachments.

Remote Timesheets

The user logs into the 4c Timesheet application, either directly via the network, or via the web using Go Global. Their timesheet is downloaded onto their local workstation or laptop automatically, and they can then go offline.

The user updates the timesheet as required. When they log in to 4c Timesheet again, the timesheet data is automatically uploaded back to the server.

Emailed Timesheets

Where the user only has access to emails, there is another option. 

The 4c System Administrator (or the userís line manager) can export timesheets and email them to users: this can be done individually or in a batch.

When the user collects their email, the timesheet is an attachment which they can save on their local workstation or laptop.

They then open the 4c Timesheet application and import the timesheet.

When they have completed it, they export it and email it as an attachment back to the System Administrator or line manager.

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