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4c for Publishing


If you are involved in producing periodicals - journals, catalogues, magazines, or even electronic publications - you know how difficult it is to keep track of all the activities which have to be brought together at the right time.

4c can help: standard Templates make sure you don't forget anything in the publishing cycle.  The activity monitor helps people see where you are in the process, and extensive reporting facilities keep everyone informed.

By making a particular Title a programme in 4c, each year a sub-programme, and each Issue a project, you can manage all those publications in one place.

If production of one publication is dependent on another, you can link them together - for instance, producing a CD depends on having completed the copy for the paper publication.  This link can just warn you if one publication is running late, or changes to the scheduling of one can actually change the schedule of the other - the choice is yours.

And because you can change the terminology used in 4c, a "project manager" can be an Editor in your system, sub-contractors can be Authors, and so on.

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4c for Publishing