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Project Overheads


Apart from the planned and scheduled tasks in a project, there may be time spent on non-scheduled activities, called Project Overheads in 4c. These can include:

  • Meetings;

  • Travel time;

  • Project administration;

  • Project management.

You can forecast the number of hours which are likely to be spent on these activities, and indicate whether and how these costs will be recharged to the customer, where applicable.

  • Select the overheads from a pre-defined list (project overheads can be attached to templates, so they can be added to the project automatically).

  • Enter the planned hours and the cost rate per hour.

  • Indicate if each overhead is rechargeable and how the customer will be charged ("cost plus", or a charge rate)

  • Actual time spent on overhead activities is entered on timesheets and automatically updated on the project.

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Project Overheads (non-scheduled activities)