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Precedence Networks (PERT or CPM charts)

A useful graphical alternative to the Gantt Chart which displays the project schedule, especially when drawing links between tasks (task sequences and dependencies) is the Precedence Network or PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique) or CPM (Critical Path Method chart. It is designed to show the logical relationships between tasks, so it is also known as a Logic Chart.

precedence network, PERT chart, CPM chart, logic chart, critical path

In the 4c Precedence Network, tasks are represented by boxes, and the links by arrowed lines. Once the task dependencies have been defined, and the task durations have been specified, Critical Path Analysis will generate the project schedule, which can then be viewed on the Gantt chart.

With the 4c Precedence Network chart you can:

  • add tasks, singly or in a list: with list entry you can choose to link the tasks together automatically (finish-start links);

  • draw links (dependencies) between tasks;

  • delete links and tasks;

  • optionally display early and late start and finish dates, and different bar colours according to the Team which "owns" the task.

precedence network, PERT chart, CPM chart, logic chart, critical path

Critical tasks are coloured yellow, while those with float are green;

tasks which cannot be scheduled within the constraints are shown in red


You can also display task information below the chart, so that, as you click on a task bar, you can immediately see the details of that task.

The chart itself can be printed out, exported as a picture (BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIF) or exported to Microsoft® Project.


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