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Gantt Charts

One of the most familiar ways of visualising the results of Critical Path Analysis (the project schedule) is on a Gantt Chart. Many project management software applications are based solely on this graphical representation which shows tasks as bars plotted onto a calendar. Dependencies between tasks are shown as arrowed lines.

With 4c, the Gantt chart is just one of the tools available to you for planning and scheduling your projects.  You can:

  • add tasks, singly or in a list: with list entry you can choose to link the tasks together automatically (finish-start links);

  • draw links (sequences and dependencies) between tasks (although the 4c precedence network is a more usable tool for this purpose);

  • extend the task bar to the required duration;

  • drag the task bar to the desired target dates;

  • delete links and tasks;

  • optionally display different bar colours according to the Team which "owns" the task;

  • optionally display task float (the amount a task can be moved without affecting the schedules of dependent tasks) and baseline durations/dates. Both float and baselines, as well as milestone tasks, are shown in the picture below.

gantt chart, barchart,critical path,milestones,project baseline,float

Critical tasks are here shown in yellow and those with float are shown in green; tasks which cannot be scheduled within the constraints are shown in red


On the 4c Gantt chart window you can display task information below the chart, so that, as you click on a task bar, you can immediately see the details of that task.

The chart itself can be printed out, exported as a picture (BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIF) or exported to Microsoft® Project.

If the chart includes summary tasks, these can be "rolled up" and then just the summaries can be exported to Microsoft® Project.


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