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4c Flexitime - Timesheets and Reporting


Is keeping track of your staff's accumulated flexitime a nightmare? Are you finding it difficult to control their flexitime leave?

Or maybe you're keen to introduce flexible working in your organisation, but you're unsure how you can keep track of the flexitime people will accumulate and book.

And of course you still want to be able to update your projects with all the time booked, irrespective of whether it's standard or flexitime, and take flexitime leave into account when forecasting and scheduling your resources.

4c Timesheet, Time Collection and Resource Management software makes managing flexitime easy:

  • Set the flexitime rules for your organisation.

  • Report on each staff member's flexitime balances.

  • Record flexitime leave taken.

Flexitime Rules

Depending on how your flexitime scheme operates, you can set rules such as:

  • Minimum daily working time - any time worked over this is counted as flexitime;

  • Default start, finish and break times, to help speed up timesheet completion;

  • Exception reporting limits - so you can see the people who have accumulated more than their flexitime entitlement.

Flexitime Timesheets

Staff using the Flexitime Timesheet can see, at any time, their accumulated flexitime, any flexitime leave they've already booked, and how much they have left available.

All the calculations are done automatically by 4c.


Using the Time Tracking facility makes completing the timesheet even easier for the user!

Flexitime Reporting

The Flexitime Report can be produced when approving timesheets, or at any time. If you've set exception limits, the report will only show people who have exceeded those limits.

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