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How Projects are Evaluated


Part of portfolio management is deciding which projects should be included in the portfolio, on the basis of the extent to which they are aligned to the overall business strategy.  The first step is project evaluation, to assign each project a score.

In 4c, you define the evaluation criteria to be used to measure each project, and how the scores will be assigned.

You can make the scoring mechanisms as simple or as complex as you want: the person actually doing the evaluation just sees a simple user interface comprising check boxes and radio buttons, drop-down lists and score fields, as defined by you.

Project evaluation criteria - selecting answers

Project evaluation criteria - selecting an answer

Project evaluation criteria - entering a score

Project evaluation criteria - selecting from drop-down options

You can even put your own Help text against each question to aid correct completion.

As part of the definition, you specify the weightings to be used for the scores within a single set of criteria and also for the calculation of the overall score.  Once a project has been evaluated, the result is a list of weighted scores against each set of criteria. 

You can then produce sorted lists of projects in score order, and bubble charts, to aid project prioritisation.

Click here to see some examples of evaluation scores.

Click here to see a Portfolio Breakdown with traffic lights indicating programme and project evaluation scores.

If you re-evaluate the project as it progresses through its lifecycle, you can compare the scores at each stage, to make sure it stays on track.  When you conduct the post project evaluation, not only can you see how it matched up to the original assessment, you can also review changes along the way.

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