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Document Management


4c can act as a repository for documents associated with the project.  By holding the documents in the 4c database, you can to keep track of them from within 4c, maintain version control, and issue them and email them as required.

  • Link standard documents (Microsoft® Word files and Excel® spreadsheets) to project Templates so that documents are automatically added to projects when they are created.

  • Add further documents to the project as required.

  • Project documents are stored in the 4c database: only authorised users can access them, so updates and versions are tracked (see below).

  • Fields in Word documents can be updated from project fields.  Excel® spreadsheet cells can also be linked to projects: data can be imported from the project, or fields in the project can be updated from the spreadsheet.

  • Keep track of revisions/issues of the document.

  • Document check in/out facilities - once a document has been checked out, it becomes "read only" to other 4c users.

  • Issue documents to named recipients (including external contacts such as suppliers or customers), either as emails or via the 4c Timesheet: the recipient can view the document, indicate receipt and confirm actions.  Recipient responses are shown immediately on the project details.

  • Link documents to tasks, for time recording via the Timesheets.

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