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4c for Balancing Budgets


You have a budget which needs to be allocated across a large number of projects, and you need to keep track of your expenditure year on year.

Perhaps you don't manage projects directly, but rely on sub-contractors to do this: payments are made to them on completion of milestones.

What if a project is delayed - what's the effect on the spend for this year?  Next year?  Can I move a project to smooth out the pattern of spend? 

4c can help you answer questions like these.  Sophisticated templates can be created to model the typical pattern of spend over the life of a project.

Use 4c's programme management facilities to try out different "what if" scenarios to balance the budget.

Click here to see a picture of a template cost profile.

With such a detailed model, forecasting becomes more accurate, allowing the likely effects on expenditure of changes to the schedule to be reviewed.

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4c for Budget Management