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The 4c portfolio, programme, project and resource management software application is so easy to configure and customise because it has over 300 components, which can be switched on or off in virtually any combination.

These are just some of the "switchable" Flag Options in 4c:

System Options screen display showing selected options

Selection Options have multiple choices for their settings.

By setting the options as required for your application, you can make 4c look the way you want: only the elements you have selected appear on menus and in windows.

You can start with a simple system, with only a few facilities switched on.  As your needs change, just add more options, or change your selections. 

In most cases you don't need to refer to us before changing the settings - but remember that such changes may mean that your staff will need training in new operational procedures (which may also require documentation).  Don't forget we can offer training and documentation services to meet your needs.

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4c Configurability: components