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Portfolio, programme, resource and project management software, providing professional services automation, including time and expense collection


See the whole picture with 4c

Fully-integrated portfolio, programme, project, resource management and critical path analysis software


The Challenges

The public and private sectors are under increasing pressure to reduce costs, make better use of the information held across their systems and become more flexible and agile.

To remain competitive, your organisation has to ensure that decisions concerning strategies, projects, services and applications are based on full, accurate and up-to-date information. It is your responsibility to assess your organisationís short, medium and long term objectives and implement initiatives and solutions that minimise risks, maximise your investments and resources and capitalise on your organisationís accumulated knowledge.


How 4c Can Help

4c Systems specialises solely in the design, development and implementation of fully-integrated portfolio, programme, project, resource management and critical path analysis software. We understand project managersí needs, and have designed our software to provide practical solutions to real project management problems.

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4c is a comprehensive fully-integrated portfolio, programme, project and resource management software tool. Developed from the outset to be fully configurable, 4c adapts easily to fit in with your existing working practices and methodologies ó you are not forced to change your established processes to meet the limitations of your software.

Already proven in organisations of all sizes and in all market sectors, 4c has been refined over the years in line with ever-changing customer requirements to deliver a unique insight into all aspects of your business, providing crucial information when and where it is needed.


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- setup is easy - but we give you extensive training.


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Dashboards from 4c

- create customised management views of projects and programmes


"Bespoke" solutions

from 4c

- for a fraction of the cost of standard bespoke software development


Looking for a Bird's Eye View of all your Microsoft Projects? Think your only option is Microsoft Project Server?

Think again! 4c Project Fusion is the cost-effective answer involving far less time and effort to implement. Contact us TODAY for details.


4c is compatible with PRINCE2 and other leading project management methodologies. 

Many 4c elements are designed to help people follow your procedures, including:


Project monitoring

Process maps

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